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The Broken Crown

Rodolfo Sancho

Fernando el Católico

Irene Escolar

Juana la Loca

Silvia Alonso

Germana de Foix

José Coronado

Maximiliano de Habsburgo

Eusebio Poncela

Cardenal Cisneros

Ramón Madaula

Gonzalo Chacón

Jordi Díaz

Andrés de Cabrera

Fernando Guillén Cuervo


Úrsula Corberó

Margarita de Austria

Pedro Mari Sánchez

Duque de Nájera

Ramón Barea

Duque de Alba

Michelle Jenner

Isabel I de Castilla

Federico Jusid


Jordi Frades


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Short Details

In a Spain consumed by ambition and power, the future of an empire depends of the mind state of a single woman.

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