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Female Agents

Sophie Marceau

Louise Desfontaines

Julie Depardieu

Jeanne Faussier

Marie Gillain

Suzy Desprez

Déborah François

Gaëlle Lemenech

Moritz Bleibtreu

Karl Heinrich

Julien Boisselier

Pierre Desfontaines

Maya Sansa

Maria Luzzato

Vincent Rottiers


Volker Bruch

Lieutenant Becker

Natasha Cashman

Secrétaire Buckmaster

Jan Oliver Schroeder

Garde entrée hôpital

David Van Severen

Caporal Pioche

Bruno Coulais


Serge Onteniente


Stéphane Foenkinos


Short Details

May 1944, a group of French servicewomen and resistance fighters are enlisted into the British Special Operations Executive commando group under the command of Louise Desfontaines and her brother Pierre. Their mission, to rescue a British army geologist caught reconnoitering the . . .

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