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Factory Girl

Sienna Miller

Edie Sedgwick

Guy Pearce

Andy Warhol

Hayden Christensen


Mena Suvari

Richie Berlin

Jimmy Fallon

Chuck Wein

Tara Summers

Brigid Polk

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Ingrid Superstar

Armin Amiri


Shawn Hatosy

Syd Pepperman

Beth Grant

Julia Warhol

James Naughton

Fuzzy Sedgwick

Edward Herrmann

James Townsend

Illeana Douglas

Diana Vreeland

Colleen Camp

Mrs. Whitley

Peggy Walton-Walker

Alice Sedgwick

Gerard Malanga


Mary-Kate Olsen

Art Gallery Patron

Harvey Weinstein


Ed Shearmur


Brigid Berlin


Dana E. Glauberman


Gerard Malanga


Short Details

In the mid-1960s, wealthy debutant Edie Sedgwick meets artist Andy Warhol. She joins Warhol's famous Factory and becomes his muse. Although she seems to have it all, Edie cannot have the love she craves from Andy, and she has an affair with a charismatic musician, who pushes her . . .

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