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The United States of Leland

Don Cheadle

Pearl Madison

Ryan Gosling

Leland P. Fitzgerald

Chris Klein

Allen Harris

Kevin Spacey

Albert T. Fitzgerald

Jena Malone

Becky Pollard

Lena Olin

Marybeth Fitzgerald

Michelle Williams

Julie Pollard

Martin Donovan

Harry Pollard

Ann Magnuson

Karen Pollard

Kerry Washington


Sherilyn Fenn

Mrs. Calderon

Wesley Jonathan


Michael Peña


Michael Welch

Ryan Pollard

Kevin Spacey


Emily Schweber


Short Details

A withdrawn young man, Leland Fitzgerald is imprisoned for the murder of a mentally disabled boy, who also happened to be the brother of his girlfriend, Becky. As the community struggles to deal with the killing, Pearl Madison, a teacher at the prison, decides to write about Lela. . .

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