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Patriot Games

Harrison Ford

Jack Ryan

Anne Archer

Dr. Caroline "Cathy" Ryan

Thora Birch

Sally Ryan

Sean Bean

Sean Miller

Patrick Bergin

Kevin O'Donnell

Polly Walker


James Fox

Lord William Holmes

Samuel L. Jackson

Lt. Cmdr. Robby Jackson

James Earl Jones

Adm. James Greer

Richard Harris

Paddy O'Neil

Alex Norton

Dennis Cooley

Hugh Fraser


Gerald Sim

Lord Justice

Pip Torrens

First Aide

Andrew Connolly

Charlie Dugan

Keith Campbell

Ned Clark

P.H. Moriarty

Court Guard

Bob Gunton


Ted Raimi

CIA Technician

Claire Oberman

Lady Holmes

Tom Watt

The Electrician

Martin Cochrane


John Lafayette


Fritz Sperberg


William Hoy


Phillip Noyce


Anne Morgan

Costume & Make-Up

Short Details

When CIA Analyst Jack Ryan interferes with an IRA assassination, a renegade faction targets Jack and his family as revenge.

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